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Multi-grade classroom strategies

Mrs. W 5-8 Language Arts and History Teacher

In August, I am going to be teaching a self contained 7/8 grade class. I will be teaching all subjects. Their science and health curriculum are the same, but the core subjects they will be working out of their own curriculum for their grade.

Does anyone have any strategies for teaching a mult-age middle school classroom?

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6th-8th Special Ed, LS & Mentally Gifted teacher

Centers Might Work

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I had that situation when I has a self-contained Special Ed, Learning Support classroom with grades 6-8. It was tough and I ended up focusing mostly on 7th grade curriculum. But I always thought what would work best would be to do whole group instruction with common skills/concepts like writing, then break off into center work for the more grade specific content.

Unfortunately, I had behaviors that made center work a bit challenging so it never took off the way I had envisioned it. But it may work for you. Check out the curriculum and see where there is overlap. You can teach that stuff whole group and do small group instruction for the grade specific stuff. Who knows, you may be able to mix the grades depending on their ability level. I'm sure there are 7th graders ready to take on 8th grade material and some 8th graders who would benefit from addition review with some 7th grade concepts.

Good luck - I hope this helps!

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