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What Does An Effective Union Rep Look Like?

What Does An Effective Union Rep Look Like?

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I recently saw a screening of the movie, Waiting for Superman, with fellow Edutopia blogger and moderator, Rebecca Alber. It got us both thinking about unions and what defines an effective rep. She began a really important discussion thread over at the Reform Starts Here discussion group. Here's the link: ttp://www.edutopia.org/groups/reform-starts-here I want to encourage you to jump over there, join the group, and comment. Or, of course, you can comment here. The important thing is that you comment. Unions and our representation are an important topic in education. Is reform blocked by unions or is the blame misplaced? Are the people who represent you those whose voices you admire, or is it time for other voices to jump in and become the sounds of our unions? The important thing to remember is that the union is here to serve you, and whether satisfied or dissatisfied, it is up to us to lend our voices to the discussion if we are to make any change. But Edutopia is a place for solution, so let's comment on what effective representation looks like. Either here or at the Reform group (an important group to join anyway), please let your voices be heard. We here at Edutopia are listening. -Heather Wolpert-Gawron

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