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Middle School Teacher Evaluations

Middle School Teacher Evaluations

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The current system of teacher evaluations is faulty at best. It's been on my mind a lot lately, especially as I read through the report put out by the National Board Resource Center at Stanford University on "A Quality Teacher in Every Classroom" and study up for my upcoming call with Arne Duncan (see my latest Edutopia blog post.) But I really started thinking too about abilities in teaching that are specific to certain grade levels. I mean, since we aren't all interchangeable, should the assessments of our own profession be so generic as they are now? Perhaps if we were to make our evaluations more specific to our grade level it might begin the process of targeting what makes teaching certain age groups so unique. Maybe too it might guide us in our professional development or reflection in order to better our own craft. But I'm getting ahead of myself into dreamy-land. I would love your opinions on some of these thoughts. So, here is what I'm curious about: 1. How can our teacher evaluations be more specific to our talents as effective middle school teachers? 2. How can making our evaluations more specific to age groups help in our own growth as professionals? Or doesn't it? Agree, disagree, add your own thoughts, whatever you want. But let me know what you think about my current musings. Take care, fellow middle school Edutopians, and I look forward to hearing your input. -Heather Wolpert-Gawron

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