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Must-see websites?

Must-see websites?

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Hi all. I'm compiling a list of the education sites that you go to every day when you log on -- the go-to place for lesson plans, curriculum ideas, a quick grabs for those national holidays that catch us all off guard, or the 100th anniversary of such and such. Thanks for your help.

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Macky Cassidy's picture
Macky Cassidy
Seventh grade Eastern Hemisphere Studies teacher from Wasilla, Alaska.


National Geographic Xpeditions


Asia Society

CBBC (children's BBC)

NY Times Lesson Plans

Shari Sjogren's picture

theteacherscorner.net - printable maps and crossword puzzles

slideshare.net - some good powerpoints

freerice.com - online vocab and other subjects practice

freepoverty.com - online geography game

Learner.org - Annenberg media resources

GR Gustafson's picture

OWL at Purdue U
The Blue Book of Grammar & Punctuation
and always freerice.com

Kathleen Cushman's picture
Kathleen Cushman
Author and speaker about lives and learning of youth; co-founder, WKCD.org

A couple of years ago I began working with kids around the country on the Practice Project, an initiative of What Kids Can Do whose central question was "What does it take to get really good at something?" After bringing student voices to the subject of classroom culture in "Fires in the Bathroom" and "Fires in the Middle School Bathroom," I wanted to go deeper with them into the nuts and bolts of motivations and mastery--and those conversations ended up in a new book, "Fires in the Mind." On our blog, I'm posting weekly "Fire-Starters" from teachers who tell what grabs their kids' interest at the start of a curriculum unit and keeps them engaged even after the material gets hard. I'd love to cross-link with this discussion! And I hope you'll stop by to download materials and leave your own Fire-Starters on the blog, at www.FiresInTheMind.org

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