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Must-see websites?

Must-see websites?

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Hi all. I'm compiling a list of the education sites that you go to every day when you log on -- the go-to place for lesson plans, curriculum ideas, a quick grabs for those national holidays that catch us all off guard, or the 100th anniversary of such and such. Thanks for your help.

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Tara Savolt's picture

Awesome sites. I can use all of these with my own daughter (1st grader) and my remedial 8th grade math students. Thanks for sharing.

Dan Sherman's picture

For math we can't help but recommend our site www.tenmarks.com/teachers - FREE math practice program for teachers where they can:-

Each student gets a personalized account with a curriculum that the teacher has chosen, mapped to state standards and customized to their lesson plans. They can practice topics covered in class, complete assignments, or review past concepts to refresh themselves - whenever they want, as much as they want. No limits. They also unlock games and certificates based on their performance to keep them motivated. The teacher account allows the teacher to monitor, assign and review their students work.

Salzabar's picture
I teach middle school students Reading and English Language Development

Frank Serafini offers excellent resources.

Darlene Pope's picture
Darlene Pope
8th Grade Social Studies teacher & Dept. Chair, AVID Coordinator

If you haven't played with voicethread you are missing out. It is a cool way to hold conversations via text and voice...www.voicethread.com
I like sites that go beyond information and act as a tool for developing collaboration and critical thinking. Voicethread fits these goals perfectly.

Love Quizlet too. I especially like that you can produce quizzes of various types. I also like that it allows some of my struggling students to focus on the learning and not the recording of information.

Jeremiah Dyke's picture
Jeremiah Dyke
Professor of Math, Founder of Hands On Math

edhelper is the best for worksheets
mathisfun is the best for ideas
brainpop is the best for short videos
khanacademy is the best for use as a resource
and i would have to say that my site is Hands on Math is pretty solid for hands on activities http://handsonmath.blogspot.com/

Mike Johnson's picture
Mike Johnson
Middle School Social Studies teacher from Ossian, Iowa


Mike Johnson's picture
Mike Johnson
Middle School Social Studies teacher from Ossian, Iowa


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