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Favorite Teaching/Learning Quote of all Time?

Favorite Teaching/Learning Quote of all Time?

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I always liked Yoda's "Do, do not. There is no try." But then my 3 year-old said, "I disagree with Master Yoda," and pointed out that people should always try, because "sometimes trying's the most important thing." (By the way, he hasn't even seen the movie yet, but my husband and I - children from the 70s and 80s all the way - can't help but weave our own references into our conversations with him.) So now, I guess THAT's my favorite quote. :-) What's yours? -Heather WG

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Audrey's picture

Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.
-Abigail Adams

Mrs. W's picture
Mrs. W
5-8 Language Arts and History Teacher

To the uneducated an A is just 3 sticks -A.A. Milne

Gaetan Pappalardo's picture
Gaetan Pappalardo
Teacher, Author, Guitar––Word.

"You write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head."

Kirsten Olson's picture

"What you want to do as a teacher is to make people aware of the complexity of experience, of the complexity of the world--that our little corner is real and very important, but it's not the whole. And we should make the effort to understand as much of the rest as we can possibly manage. This is not a threatening position: it is an enriching one. If we can do it, we will be richer, we will be better. This is what education should aim to do: to draw out from us what is there so that it can interact with what's outside."

-Chinua Achebe

B Zepeda's picture

Quotations imparting knowledge and wisdom are ubiquitous. These are some of my favorites:

The only thing I ask from you is *ganas.* *Desire.*-Jaime Escalante

We can do it.- Rosie the Riveter

Always expect the unexpected.- Kwai Chang Caine "Kung Fu"

With great power comes great responsibility.- Uncle Ben to Peter Parker

"I may be slow in the feet, but not in the 'cabeza'."- Slow-Poke Rodriguez (Speedy
Gonzalez's country cousin)

You have a sacred birthright.- Rupert Giles to Buffy Summers

M. Jacques Smith's picture

"There is a greater tragedy than being labeled as a slow learner- that is being treated as one."


Anna Pilloton's picture
Anna Pilloton
Program Coordinator

The chinese character for "wisdom", which involves one symbol for knowledge and another for heart, reminds us that true wisdom (beyond skill acquisition) engages our heads as well as our hearts.

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