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Calming Parental Anxiety While Empowering Our Digital Youth

Bonnie Bracey Sutton Teacher Agent of Change, Power of US Foundation


The group FOSI.org, has many resources that help with parental understanding and family acceptance of the use of technology. They also have an upcoming conference in Washington DC in November which is free to educators.

Bonnie Bracey SUtton

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Positive Digital Footprint

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This is a great article. As educators and parents, we are so focused on ensuring that our youth do not place anything online that could hurt their reputation that we forget to spend time teaching them how to create a positive digital footprint. Just as this article pointed out, the news focuses so heavily on what happens when something negative shows up when a student's name is Googled or Facebooked that they forget to mention the great things that can happen for a person who has amazing items returned.

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