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Content Ideas for Parent Coffees?

Jay Clark Principal - Van Buren Middle School (Van Buren, OH)

Each quarter, I invite parents to a parent coffee that allows for great discussion and insight. I always try to have a topic that takes 30-45 minutes for presentation/activity/discussion, and that leaves 15 minutes or so for announcements, feedback about programs, etc. It's always my goal to be respectful of parents' time by limiting the entire event to one hour. We have decent attendance and I always appreciate parents' perspectives.

However, after 6+ years, I am running low on topic ideas. We've done internet safety, drug/alcohol, transitional ideas... I started to be a little more bold and last year, we discussed what is TRULY college or career ready?

Any ideas on topics? I don't have to be the expert - I bring in all sorts of community members and leaders. Coming into the new school year, I'm at a loss!

Jay Clark
Van Buren M.S.
Van Buren, Ohio

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Job / Career / Higher Education / something else?

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Hi Jay Clark

Being "at a loss" is a great place for exploring what else you might want to do.

You asked for a recommendation, so here it is... "Junior Achievement" www.ja.org

Martin Richards

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