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What was the Best Project/Lesson you Remember from Middle School?

What was the Best Project/Lesson you Remember from Middle School?

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I think that it's sometimes important to remember the lessons or projects that spoke to us as tweens as a means to help us in our own lesson planning. I think back on my "Twelfth Night" project, and I have since tried to mimic its influence in my own teaching. After all, if it stuck with me this long, maybe my 8th grade teacher was onto something? It went something like this: - Design an LP (remember those?)based on a book we've read this year. - Write poems to represent different plot points, characters, conflicts, etc... - Create a visual on the cover and include the poems on the back a la song lyrics. - You may include liner notes, dedications, etc...as well. I seem to remember choosing a symbol, an ale mug, and drawing each of the characters chasing each other up and over and around it. I also recall "Olivia's Ode," a ballad of sorts which included the lyric, "I'd rather eat an anchovy then to marry you." It stuck with me. Why? Well, for one thing, it was based on some level of student choice. Also, it included both linguistic and non-linguistic ways for me to show my comprehension. So, what lesson or project stuck with you when you were a Middle Schooler? Why? Do you find ways to use that feeling now? -Heather WG

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