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Beyond the Book Report

Erika Saunders 6th-8th Special Ed, LS & Mentally Gifted teacher

Looking for new ways to have students interact with their books "Beyond the Book Report"? Check out my guest post on the blog "Byrdseed": http://www.byrdseed.com/41-ways-to-go-beyond-the-book-report

And you don't have to teach "gifted" students to benefit from these ideas!

Hope you find some of them useful!


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I Love This!!!!

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Thank you so much for this resource. What a great post.

I'm currently experimenting with the traditional book report by having them examine the quality and not-so-quality book reviews on amazon.com. I realized that writing one of those is like writing a multi-genre paper: you use elements of summary, lit. analysis, and persuasion. The kids are writing in hard copy first, recording their book reviews on Garageband so that kids can access the reviews during free time at class, and then posting them (the quality ones) onto amazon for further peer recommending power.

What other "beyond the book report" activities are out there? Share!


Oh these are BRILLIANT ideas!

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Oh these are BRILLIANT ideas! Thank you so much for posting them.

I was so glad to find this

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I was so glad to find this list of ideas. I am a seventh grade "writing" teacher who teams with our "reading" teacher who has used the AR program from Renaissance Learning for several years. This fall we were told that our license is discontinued due to financial cutbacks in our school. I have been exploring the internet for creative ideas to use with a technologically limited classroom. These are wonderful and I will experiment with a few of them in the fall.

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