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Spanish in Middle School - Need Resources


I am one class away from getting my supplemental in Spanish so I'm hoping to possibly transfer to a position at a middle school next year where I can teach Spanish.
I have looked in the usual places (online as well as brick-and-mortar) where I get teaching supplies for my elementary classroom, but there is alarmingly little about teaching Spanish, culture, etc.
I am also looking for suggestions on how to differentiate when you're teaching a foreign language, as I'm struggling to visualize how that might work out.
I have seen some great posts from all of you middle-school teachers, so please help me out!!
Thank you!

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You may want to try Larry Ferlazzo's website. Is isn't specifically a Spanish education website, but it's a remarkable resource for ELD, so it might help you in what you need. Go to his homepage and type in what you need in the search bar. There's always cool things to find on his website.

Here you go!

Hope this helps!
-Heather WG

Sra. Levy

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Hi Kim,

I use Differentiated Instruction - A guide for FL Teachers by Deborah Blaz

For culture - I do Dia de los muertos, Christmas in Spain, The History of cchoclate, and the Aztecs/Mayas, and Incas as Ancient Civ project - This is for 7th and 8th. The cuture is what motivates students to continue the language in my experience. Good Luck

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