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Measuring growth to determine placement

Measuring growth to determine placement

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Please share your thoughts on the best way to measure student growth in the area of Reading/Writing. have you used DIBELS, AIMSWEB or running records...do you use both DIBELS (to measure fluency) and running records (to measure comprehension)? Any other assessment tools?

In addition to measuring student progress throughout the year I'm interested in hearing how you measure progress over time (woodcock johnson every three years?). This is an important question related to determining a student's placement in special education. Often students are placed in pull-out programs and remain in a pull-out environment even though they are not closing the achievement gap when compared to their general education peers.



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Dan Callahan's picture
Dan Callahan
Professional Learning Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor

Hi Ray,
At the school I work in currently, we regularly use DIBELS with our students (on sliding scales of time depending on their tiered level of intervention). We also use online assessment tools (currently i-Ready) three times a year as a way of monitoring growth in reading and math skills.

In my previous school when I taught students with special needs, I had to do weekly DIBELS checks, and an annual Reading Inventory like the QRI as a part of developing the student's IEP. Depending on if we felt we needed more data, then we might also pull in the Woodcock Johnson for the triennial reevaluation.

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