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Looking for ELL strategies to use in a music classroom

Cassandra Bruce

I am doing research for new ELL techniques that can be used in a music classrooms since my school district has seen a drastic rise in ELLs the past few years. I have read a few journal articles that pertain to ELL, but I would like to hear from teachers who use these techniques day to day in their own classrooms. As a non-core teacher I am not required to teach literacy, but I believe it is important that I do so to help my students grow.

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Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE)

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Here is a valuable list of SDAIE strategies to use with EL students.

In addition to SDAIE, be sure if you have Englisher Learners in your classroom that they have opportunities daily to practice the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing (regardless of the content you teach- music, drama, science...).



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give kids a theme and have

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give kids a theme and have them find song lyrics for it - hang songs in hall - have kids walk around and choose their favorite then learn to sing the song - has lots of raps kids can learn to increase literacy - there are grade level raps

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Thinking 21st century

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Music can and should be fun! Reflect on your feeling the need to impose your values (I am not required to teach literacy, but I believe it is important that I do so to help my students grow) and consider opening the curriculum to what your students feel they need to grow. The best idea I've heard came from an Art teacher & can easily translate to music: She spent one week on each form of art media, exposing her kids to multiple possibilities and then she cut them loose to work on projects of their own choosing for the remainder of the year, she became a facilitator w/o the temptation of imposition of what she thought was important for them to learn. Does it work? Over 90 years of documented success can be found at the following sites: ; ;
Best of luck w/ your research & educational endeavors!

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