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Anybody using a Sustained Silent Writing Approach?

Anybody using a Sustained Silent Writing Approach?

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In our school district, they do a lot of Sustained silent reading in english classes, but I hear very little about efforts to improve writing through SSW- sustained silent writing. Like journaling, kids are given a notebook or wiki, or anything, really, and asked to write for ten or fifteen minutes continuously. What I like about this is it helps teachers diagnose where children are having problems with the writing process- is it in the ideation stage? Is it in the organization of ideas? Is in in the transcription process itself? Any one of these areas can cause problems and slow down a student's progress in writing, and there are easy work arounds for each of the common problems as well, but it seems as if we ask kids, in general, to write, but we're forgetting to teach them more about how to do it well or properly. (I know grammar drills don't have much carry over effect, but most kids don't learn grammar through osmosis alone, either.) I'm interested to what you think about SSW and who has had any experience with it.

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