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How is "Twilight" affecting student literacy?

How is "Twilight" affecting student literacy?

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There was a really interesting article in Teacher Magazine recently that mentions: "High school students today tend to read an "idiosyncratic" and unchallenging selection of texts and are generally not learning how to do close reading, concludes a recent study published by the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers. The study argues that that those factors have contributed to a decline in reading skills among American adults." It also states: "In ALSCW's own survey of the books teachers in grades 9, 10, and 11 are assigning, Stotsky found that even the most frequently assigned texts, including Romeo and Juliet and To Kill a Mockingbird, are only being read in about 25 percent of classes. That demonstrates, she says, that "most American students experience an idiosyncratic set of readings before they graduate from high school." A previous study by Arthur Applebee in 1989 showed that more than 80 percent of public secondary schools assigned Romeo and Juliet. " What are your thoughts? Do you see this shift happening in your school? Any ways that you've seen work to combat this trend?
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