Best practices for teaching K-12 reading/writing.

Welcome to the literacy group!!!!

Ray Dorso Director of Special Services, New Milford School District

Comprehension...Technology...Fluency...Reading Across Content Areas...Reading Programs...Great Novels...Research...Dyslexia...Best Practices...Resources......

Welcome to this group! We will get into great discussions about the topics noted above and many more issues that are essential to student learning.

Please take a minute to introduce yourself, include your background and areas of interest related to literacy!

Thanks Ray

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Started a supplemental ESL / ELL reading and tutoring project

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Hi, everyone! Several years ago, after being away from the field of education for some time, I began to teach in my hometown high school/ middle school in New Jersey. In the intervening years, the school's population had come to include a large number of immigrant students: in particular, half of the students now came from Spanish-speaking backgrounds. As described in a separate posting -- ESL / ELL Reading and Tutoring Project -- with the Literacy group, I started a supplemental program (after school, free periods, and during the summer, when possible) to help students with reading, English, and other subjects.

The write-up might be worth checking out. The project probably wouldn't replace a regular, in-class program, but, as supplemental help, it did seem to meet a need: students read or did other work with me and peer tutors on more than 1,200 occasions, on their own time. (And, I later realized that, through my own search for appropriate books, I inadvertently re-created much of the reading list for Read 180.)

Educator, Consultant, ADE ,

I'm extremely interested in

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I'm extremely interested in Literacy education! Check out my blog where I share experiences using technology to create lessons that are aligned to the Common Core (especially in ELA):

Looking forward to reading more comments!

Principal AFC Elementary School Franklin Grove, IL


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I am a pre-k -4th principal. I am interested in all aspects of sharing my love of reading and helping students come to their full potential. I can be found on twitter @principaljoey

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