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Welcome to the literacy group!!!!

Welcome to the literacy group!!!!

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Comprehension...Technology...Fluency...Reading Across Content Areas...Reading Programs...Great Novels...Research...Dyslexia...Best Practices...Resources...... Welcome to this group! We will get into great discussions about the topics noted above and many more issues that are essential to student learning. Please take a minute to introduce yourself, include your background and areas of interest related to literacy! Thanks Ray

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K OConnor's picture
K OConnor
Secondary English/ELD, Sonoma County, CA

This is my eleventh year as a high school English teacher and my fourth as the English Learner Resource Teacher/ELD instructor at my site. I taught elementary school for eight years as well, working with ELLs. I am a member of my site's Literacy team and also trained to teach our reading development program, which I taught for four years. I am interested in all of the above topics that you mentioned, with the addition of best practices in writing instruction as well. Literacy, of course, focuses on reading, but at our site we are making a great effort to continually improve our writing program. I am interested in sharing ideas for best practices in the teaching and learning of good writing.

I am also very interested to hear people's experiences with reading programs at the high school level, specifically Language! (Sopris West) and Read 180 (Scholastic), as we have used L! with a degree of success for several years, but are now being forced to move to Read 180. Neither is perfect, and both have major issues, but I have seen L! move some students forward two or more grade levels in a single year when taught "with fidelity." Wondering what people know about Scholastic's program.

I have also had the opportunity to attend workshops and work directly with Dr. Kate Kinsella, SF State, on issues of literacy for ELLs and EOs.

Ray Dorso's picture
Ray Dorso
Director of Special Services, New Milford School District

We used Read 180 in my previous district, I will reach out to them and see if I can get the Language Arts Supervisor to share her insights about the program with you.

I like the Read 180 and have seen students respond well to the program.

Michelle Nelson's picture

This is my first year leading middle school reading groups with a program from Scobre Press. So far it has been a great program and the students are doing really well and seem to really enjoy their texts and the audiobooks. Scobre is a smaller company, and I know many districts that employ Read 180. I don't have experience with Read 180, but the Scobre Press reading program has been great. Straight-forward, uses Common Core Standards, and I don't have to organize five different resource guides to put together my curriculum! That's been a real relief compared to the programs my district has previously employed.

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