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Teach the Books, Touch the Heart

Ray Dorso Director of Special Services, New Milford School District

Claire Needell Hollander wrote an op-ed in the NYT on 4/20 about teaching reading to touch a student's heart, not to improve test scores.

Teach the Books,Touch the Heart

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Great article!

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This is an excellent piece, on a number of levels. I just read it (even copied it, and saved it on my computer).

Even if, at first glance, the writer seems to be making a point that avid readers (and teachers of reading) would agree with, she makes the case extremely well. In particular, she addresses an issue that can get slighted in educational reform debates: can we really improve reading and related skills if we ignore emotion, and meaning?

The essay is a quick read -- glad that I took a couple of minutes to check it out.

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