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How to label AR books

How to label AR books

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I'm beginning my first job as an LMS, and it just so happens to be in a brand new school (I feel very lucky!). While the newness is quite exciting, it also means there are lots of decisions to be made. One of them I'm struggling with right now is how to label the books which are Accelerated Reader. My big internal debate is how do I balance the need for these books to be easily located by the students (i.e. I need a level 3 book, so I'll grab a book marked with a green sticker) vs. the desire to give the students some privacy in their reading levels (i.e. I'm in 5th grade, but I need a level 3 book). My gut feeling is to simply mark all AR books the same way with levels being indicated on the sticker inside the book (and of course on the OPAC), but I worry this doesn't make the library "shopper" friendly. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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