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Collaborating with another media center

Linda Locker Media specialist for a Grade 5-6 Ohio Middle School

In my district, an elementary media specialist would like to plan a collaborative project between her K-4 students and my 5-6 students. Has anyone done a project of this nature? If anyone has any suggestions, it would be great if you could share. We do have Skype available and we could set up a wiki. I'd love to have the kids blog about their favorite books or authors. Any ideas are most welcome!!!

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Teacher Librarian

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While I haven't collaborated on a project I have helped teachers collaborate with other teachers at other schools and even across the country using 2.0 tools. Skype opens up great opportunities to share ideas and to collaborate so I would encourage you to use that tool. Our second graders had fun and learned a lot from a school in another state using Skype.

I have had great success using a social network for education called, . You or the teacher can set up an account, name the class, get a class access code and then have the kids build their accounts (no, they do NOT need email accounts).

Another site I've used to list web links so the kids do not have to type them in and to give them a visual of the page is ...pretty good-not perfect but better than having them type in the web addresses.

If you are interested in blogging I just found the following site, very kid friendly and teacher controlled.

Good luck,

Media specialist for a Grade 5-6 Ohio Middle School

These are great ideas! I'm

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These are great ideas! I'm going to try the site. Has anyone else tried a blog with their students?

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