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Green Projects

Green Projects

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What types of green projects can be found around your classroom and/or school?

This post was created by a member of Edutopia's community. If you have your own #eduawesome tips, strategies, and ideas for improving education, share them with us.

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Jason Flom's picture
Jason Flom
Director-Elect in Tallahassee, FL

Students from three different grades manage the school's recycling program (including administrative offices).
Every year students from 1st grade through 8th participate in a Longleaf Pine Restoration project, planting trees in various locations.
Every class has a themed garden they cultivate -- some for food, some for habitat.
Two years ago we installed solar panels.
Two grades currently participate in the GLOBE program, collecting data on water quality.

Cindy Johanson's picture
Cindy Johanson
Executive Director, Edutopia

Hi Jason, At my child's local elementary school in CA, we have many wonderful gardens: the Kinder-Garden, Rain Garden, Colonial Garden, Native American Garden & a Main Garden. Most of the gardens are maintained by parent volunteers and a kids "garden club" however some teachers are beginning to introduce gardening as part of their curriculum.

Jason Flom's picture
Jason Flom
Director-Elect in Tallahassee, FL

Very cool, Cindy. I forwarded the site url to my school's art teacher. I really like the range of projects your students have going in the gardens (not to mention the variety of gardening styles. We try to follow a very similar model, but am definitely getting some ideas from Dixie's approach. Thanks!

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