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Green Projects

Jason Flom 5th grade teacher in Tallahassee, FL

What types of green projects can be found around your classroom and/or school?

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Green Initiatives

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At our middle school in Los Angeles, students work in their advisory courses to plan and implement green initiatives. Right now, my students are working on a variety of committees they created to promote recycling, reducing, reusing and rethinking.

Some students have taken on the role of being "RRRR Officers" - making sure students are doing their part by monitoring the bathrooms and enforcing the rules of recycling.

Other students have planned a modern day "agora" or marketplace (idea taken from study of ancient Greece), where students bring their old items in and trade them with each other.

Others are getting the school involved in various challenges, including a shower challenge, outdoor challenge, and liquid challenge, in which students are encouraged and rewarded for their efforts to "RRRR."

In addition, we are trying to sew reusable grocery bags to eliminate the use of plastic.

It's very cool to see the students empowered to see these projects through, and I hope in years to come our school can get some of the aforementioned projects happening, too!

I am currently student

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I am currently student teaching in a New Zealand school at the intermediate level. This school of 1200 students has a "no rubbish" policy (recycling bins are provided). A school without garbage cans! It is a sort of a "pack it in, pack it out" culture. This is becoming more common in both schools and parks around New Zealand. I'm told that it is most effective when they start at the elementary level. Along with learning to tie their shoes, students learn to pack back up their lunch trash in their lunch box and bring it home with them. It isn't perfect, but for the most part it's working.

Feel free to speculate on what the desired and actual learning outcomes are.

Cool School Challenge

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I'm not currently a classroom teacher (stepped out for a while to help out with this program). We are seeing schools all over the country do some amazing work - all student led. Check out

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