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Food (System) Literacy

Seth Nickinson

I'll start a thread while also doing a self-interested resource share.

I am interested in a conversation about Food Literacy, and how looking at food issues can be an engaging way to look at interconnected social challenges while providing content for Science, Social Studies, Health, English, and beyond. Plus, dealing with Food ties directly into greening the school campus itself.

My initiative, Nourish, has just launched a national standards-aligned curriculum, available for free download.

It contains six learning activities, action projects, and suggested resources. It is a companion to our PBS special, which has been airing nationwide and is also on DVD.

"Food Literacy" is a fairly new concept, and there is little existing thinking about rubrics or metrics. We might consider it in the tradition of health literacy and ecoliteracy.

Thoughts? Additional resources? Download our curriculum and tell me what you think.

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Community college science instructor from California

If you haven't seen the TED

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If you haven't seen the TED lecture Birke Baehr: What's Wrong With Our Food System, I would highly recommend it. The speaker, Birke Baehr, is a 12 year old boy who thought he might like to be an NFL player but decided he would rather be an organic farmer.

social media and marketing manager of startup

Hi Seth, I would try to tie

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Hi Seth,

I would try to tie your curriculum to after and during school programs. I think it would be a great addition to their education. Great way to develop the life skills of students. Wonderful layout of the activities!

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