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Gulf Oil Spill

Jason Flom 5th grade teacher in Tallahassee, FL

The spill in the gulf (unfortunately) offers a number of learning opportunities and investigative projects.

What are you doing in your classroom to teach about the oil spill in the Gulf?

What resources have you found to be most useful for teachers, parents, and students to help them learn about it?

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Guidance Counselor

Social-Emotional Piece

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As a school guidance counselor I have been teaching lessons on the Six Pillars of Good Character (Trustworthiness, Respect, Citizenship, Responsibility, Fairness, Care) and within those lessons I try to show the strong connections between those qualities, our thoughts and feelings. I want to help my students understand how the oil spill will effect us directly and indirectly. What we can do to help without creating more anxiety or fear within their lives. I have observed that since 9/11; Hurricaine Katrina; "The (ongoing) War" and the slow economy there is a higher level of fear and anxiety within in them. I want the children to be mindful and sensitive to the world around them. Any suggestions?

Calming Oil Spill Fears...

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How about allowing students to create a mini version of the oil spill and then come up with their own solutions for how it might be stopped? This would give students more understanding about the spill itself, and give them the opportunity to dream up possible solutions. This would give students a sense of control and help them to understand that action will cause change. We need students to help students step out of the fear and anxiety to and offer it to them as a puzzle to solve, involve them in the process of coming up with a solution.

Product Manager at Delta Education

Science Unit Helps Students Understand Human Impact on the Shore

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Shoreline Science is a unique hands-on inquiry and integrated Disciplinary Literacy unit for grades 2-4 that can give teachers the tools they need to gain experience and gather evidence on concepts and topic related to shoreline ecosystems and human impact of the environment. For example the causes of erosion, what aquatic animals need to survive and a case study of an oil tanker spill off the coast of Spain.
You can find more information at: a>

Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing @Edutopia, edcamp organizer

Educators Using Gulf Oil Spill as a "Teachable Moment"

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Just came across this really interesting article via ABC News,"Educators Using Gulf Oil Spill as a "Teachable Moment""

Here's an excerpt:

"Science teachers nationwide are using the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as a "teachable moment" as the school years ends, with most saying environmental issues will likely continue throughout the summer and spark even more lessons when school starts up again.
Images of Tony Hayward on his yacht draw more outrage from Gulf residents.

Using everything from role playing of government officials and scientists to hands-on models of cocoa and cooking grease (to simulate crude oil), teachers are tackling the disaster with students who are demanding answers and a chance to help find solutions. "

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