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Four-ish Earthday Questions

Jason Flom 5th grade teacher in Tallahassee, FL

With the increase in environmental awareness, I wonder if Earthday (April 22) activities are still relevant and/or influencial. Would love your thoughts and ideas on any (or all) of the below questions.

1. Where do you fall on the Earthday vs. Everyday-Should-Be-Earthday spectrum?

2. Does your school/organization support Earthday activities?

a) If so, what sort of activities can be found in your school and/or community as part of Earthday?

b) If not, why not?

3. Are there "virtual" Earthday activities that folks can visit on-line?

4. Know of any social media communities with a focus on Earthday?

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Environmental Education

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Celebrating Earth Day at school is a great way to tap into the energy and enthusiasm around understanding and protecting the environment. Educators can capitalize on this energy by incorporating environmental themes into the curriculum as part of National Environmental Education Week (, celebrated the week prior to Earth Day.

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