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No Impact Curriculum (via YES Magazine)

Betty Ray Director of Programming and Innovation @Edutopia

Came across the No Impact Project which was inspired by "No Impact Man" - the New York journalist who decided to reduce his consumption to zero for an entire year (and dragged his family into it, too.)

The good folks at the No Impact Project have created a week-long classroom project for grades 6-12, though they say it can be easily adapted for younger or older kids.

There are five lessons - one for each day - that address ways to re-think our habits around consumption, energy, food, transportation and water.

Looks like an interesting experiment! I'm going to sign up. Would love to hear from anyone else who's done it before, or is interested in doing it now.

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YES! Magazine education newsletter features No Impact Project

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Betty - Happy to know that you caught No Impact's new curriculum through our education newsletter. We were thrilled to share it with our teacher readers. The newsletter supports the magazine's current issue, "Be a Climate Hero." I wanted to nudge teachers and students to the next level — beyond basic knowledge of climate change — and offer engaging curricula, stories, projects, and other resources to take small steps to living differently.

My family and I participated in the No Impact Experiment this past November. For us, the greatest benefit was being more aware/conscious of the everyday choices we make. Greatest challenge? Preparing ahead for eating/cooking local. Greatest accomplishment? Making very little trash. I think the next one is in March.

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