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Copenhagen Climate Conference #15 (2009)

Jason Flom 5th grade teacher in Tallahassee, FL

How might (or should) schools capitalize on the world-wide summit taking place right now in Copenhagen?

In terms of civics/social studies? Science? International relations? Political theater? Math?

What are resources that can help students make sense of the conference?

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5th grade teacher in Tallahassee, FL

Global Youth Panel

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The Debatewise site allows students from all over the world a chance to "meet" and discuss climate change live during the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

Take a look at the above link. The map alone is a reflection of how efforts to curtail climate change can leave to global connections and conversations.

5th grade teacher in Tallahassee, FL

Climate Change Resources

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Larry Ferlazzo, an educator I follow on Twitter, has compiled a list of great resources related to climate change on his site.

(I warn you, though, once you start poking around, you might find yourself lost deep inside a website with incredible depth and copious resources.)

What are some other climate change resources that teachers might utilize in the classroom?

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