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Kids Don't Learn Everything In The Classroom

Kids Don't Learn Everything In The Classroom

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"Oh you teach gym? That must be easy?"

I always want to hand over the reign and title of coach to people who say that. Ya, it's true that anyone can be a coach just like anyone can be a teacher. But not everyone can be an effective coach or an effective teacher.

As a Physical Education teacher, that is exactly what I convey in my teaching. My goal is to educate every student in my classroom about maintaining a strong physical well-being so they can get the most out of their lifetime and possibly extend it beyond having an early heart attack or being diagnosed with diabetes at age 10.

There are so many qualities that a student learns in an effective Physical Education classroom. Here are some of the following things:

  • Development of strong social skills with others
  • Learning teamwork in small and large groups
  • Developing stronger muscles and cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Sports skills, movement concepts, and techniques
  • Quick decision making
  • How to handle winning and losing with respect

The list could go on forever.

Do I play kickball sometimes with the kids? Yes, of course, it is a classic team building game.

Do I sit back and allow students the autonomy to perform a task and allow them to experience success on their own? Yes, what good is it if I do everything for them? If I give them all the answers and don't allow them to develop problem solving skills, I am prohibiting their growth and learning.


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