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Sharing a GBL experience for Teaching Spanish Language for 10th-12th year old classrom.

Sharing a GBL experience for Teaching Spanish Language for 10th-12th year old classrom.

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Hi everyone. I´m new here but i would like to share with you my first experiences on GBL.

The firsts of them is officially published on a blog called "GBLengua" that you can check at sandiegoysanvicente.com/gblengua

Also i´ve experimented GBL teaching using simulation games for other subjets as Economic Geography. You can find it at sandiegoysanvicente.com/simcitygema

I believe that teaching using games in the classroom is highly effective and hook people inside :)

I have a Twitter account @carloslmorante for more information and i hope also learn from you in the future, checking this wonderful site. Nice to be here.

Carlos López Morante.
Madrid, Spain.

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Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Director of Programming and Innovation

Welcome Carlos! Thanks for sharing your resources. What grade levels have you used GBL with? Is your school supportive of GBL? How have you integrated these games into your classroom?

Carlos López Morante's picture

Hi Betty, nice to see you!
Well, i use GBL from 6th grade to 10th grade. In fact, i'm introducing these kind of new methods GBL, PBL, Design Thinking -and more- in my classroom with another small staff of teachers in my school. GBL only by me, by now. And finally i must say that i try to integrate games in a natural way, just practising gramar inviting the kids to be the creators of their own games. I use all the inteligences inside the classroom to build the games. You can check it in our website: sandiegoysanvicente.com/gblengua and also in my personal blog carloslopezmorante.wordpress.com
Hope you like it. If you know any experience abouy BGL in language arts, please let me know. And of course if you need more info or u can tell me how to improve my knowledges about GBL i will appreciate that.
Thank you Betty.

Liam Barnes's picture
Liam Barnes

Hi Carlos.

You may be interested in our Global Investor simulation game, which is available in both English and Spanish .

In addition to its applications in applied mathematics and business education, the game is also used as an immersive language learning tool.

You can see the game 'in action' here (https://vimeo.com/65376340) at an event we ran with a group of Y12 students at Coventry University in the UK. There's also more information on our Stock Market Challenge website.

Feel free to contact me by email (liam.barnes@10lanelearning.com) if you'd like any further info or a demo.

Thanks. Liam

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