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Suggestions for Creative Games for 6th Grade Needed

Lisa Pluth Researcher and Writer

Our new sixth grade teacher is asking me for suggestions for age appropriate creative games for her new classroom next year. Most of the games we have at the school are designed for younger students. My son (age 11) loves a game called Mindcraft. This is a building game that is fairly creative and good for spatial learning and basic geometry. It seems like we should be able to run it on our server (to protect the children from the online players) and that it is possible to disable the creepy monsters section of the game. However, I'm still unsure that we should add it because it can be fairly addictive for some kids. Does anyone have any experience with Mindcraft in the classroom? Any suggestions for alternative creative games they have used in the classroom for this age group? Thank you for any suggestions in advance!

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Minecraft and two more

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I agree with many other comments, Minecraft is a great game. Kids can use multiple skill sets that are all useful in the real world.
In addition, you might try Toontastic ( It is not a game per se, but you can build games into it. It is an app letting kids create video and learn story telling. Kids can co-create stories as a team.
Another good one is Scribblenauts ( Kids have to think of a solution and have to spell the word correctly to solve the problem. It will test out their creativity and spelling at the same time.

I play Minecraft and created

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I play Minecraft and created an after school club in my school for 4th and 5th graders to play. Beyond the lessons you can plan, students become naturals at learning what they need to in order to be successful at this game. They learn to work together, find resources they need, figure out and solve problems, plan and implement those plans. Minecraftedu is a mod that is specifically made for use in the classroom. It is easier to implement if you are not familiar with the game and managing servers. I am currently working on setting up a server for the upcoming school year, which is a bit more complex than the first one I created last year

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