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Catalysts for Change

Suzie Boss Journalist and PBL advocate

Curious if any educators (with or w/out students) are taking part in this new game that uses crowdsourcing to suggest pathways out of global poverty. Seems like some great connections to social studies and/or math.
Game site here:
Backstory about Catalysts for Change here:
If you're playing, please let me know in the comments.

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Educational Consultant and Online Educator

Great idea!

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Suzie, this is a great resource. I could see exactly what you indicate in the social studies classroom. I think a great thing is to identify some targeted learning outcomes based on the identities!

Graduate Student - Education Policy


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I'm not an educator, but if you enjoy Catalysts for Change, I would highly recommend Evoke!

Evoke is a game for social change, and I personally love how "missions" are delivered in a fun comic-book style. The player gets to play as a secret agent looking into issues like world hunger, energy sustainability, and poverty while gaining "super powers" (local insight, creativity, etc). Eventually, players can find a social issue important to them, create their own "evokation" and encourage other players to get involved.

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