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Breathing (in French :-)

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Dear Education Fun
Cher Education Amusant

I am new to your Group having already joined Arts/Theater/Music
and STEM, and I have recently started my own blog called Education Fun at:


My blog is in English, but I like learning other languages also and recently bought the Oxford Starter Spanish Dictionary and the Oxford
Starter French Dictionary, which I am having fun using with a couple of international friends and our email correspondence.

Today I came across a cool Wikipedia anatomy illustration about
"Breathing" and I copied it to my blog...in French :-) because the anatomy words seemed softer and smoother and quieter than the English Language version, and also just to have some fun... with languages...

Here is the link to "Breathing (in French :-)" at my blog:


As you probably already know, Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia is online available in dozens of languages, and Google Translate website can translate copied text instantly from one language to another.

So I have fun now using and learning and appreciating many languages' words and their visually diverse and often beautiful scripts...

with Heart and Soul
con Corazon y Alma
avec Coeur et Esprit

Allen Berg

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