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Online Professional Communities for FL Teachers

Online Professional Communities for FL Teachers

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This online discussion group is a great start in connecting with other FL teachers around the globe. What other online communities are you a part of? How have these communities helped you in your practice and professional development? Below I have listed a couple of my favorite and how they have benefited me. Feel free to share yours! 1. Twitter.com- With this social media site I get to "meet" other FL teachers who are more than willing to share their resources, tips, and offer helpful advice. This is one online community I cannot live without! If you are not already a part of it, I strongly suggest you join. 2. FLTEACH Listserv- This is a listserv dedicated to language teaching. A listserv is bascially an email list that allows you to receive and send messages pertaining to curriculum, professional development opportunities, job vacancies, methods, materials, and anything else related to language instruction. With this listserv you can also directly contact individuals through email. I have met several professionals with the help of this resource as well as shared some materials and tips that have worked for me. To find out more about subscribing to the FLTEACH Listserve visit: http://www.cortland.edu/flteach/index.html

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