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World Pals

World Pals

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I am looking for another classroom teacher that would be interested in Skyping with my students or doing a Pen Pal program with my students. I am a K-5 teacher in North Carolina and would love to do this with my 5th grade Spanish students.

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Elvira Deyamport, Ed.S.'s picture
Elvira Deyamport, Ed.S.
2nd-6th Gifted/Talented Teacher

Here are a few sites I am currently a part of & where I have found partners across the US and abroad.
http://aroundtheworldwith80schools.net/ This site is where I found my two abroad contacts. It's a rather small community since they had to switch to this site from a previous site. Creating an account is free and painless. Please be advised that once you log in, your contact information that you include in your profile will be posted online so that other people on this site can view and contact you.
http://www.cilc.org/ This site has many ongoing projects created by other teachers and cool places such as NASA. There are also online professional development opportunities available for teachers. This site requires that you post a collaboration (a description of your project and possible dates). Updates on your project are also requested. I have had success in finding national partners/contacts through this site.
http://projects.twice.cc/ I haven't had much luck with this site, but it is worth mentioning. I have seen many national projects/collaborations listed on this site

http://www.epals.com/ This site is for K-12 teachers interested in e-pen pal projects. I haven't tried this one, but it was recommended to me by another teacher.

http://www.ptpi.org/programs/SchoolClass.aspx This is reliable source. I think you need to pay for their services though.

Also, let me know if you would like to Skype with my 5th graders. We doing some bilingual sing alongs with a school in New Jersey and Portland, OR. If you would like, I can let me contacts know about your project and have them get in touch with you. Just direct message me your email if you're interested. I also have two partnerships with schools in Argentina and Spain- both of which teach up to 6th grade.

Good luck,


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