Freebie - Explain how you use Edutopia resources and/or give us feedback! | Edutopia
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Freebie - Explain how you use Edutopia resources and/or give us feedback!

Freebie - Explain how you use Edutopia resources and/or give us feedback!

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Hi all - To celebrate Edutopia hitting the 40,000 fan mark on Facebook, we're giving away an Edutopia DVD bundle (worth approx. $40) to the first ten people that share their story. How do you currently use Edutopia resources? What can we provide to help you even more? Please share! PS: We have to say it (since its been done before): Posts that are 1 sentence or less and/or just say "post" to win the goodies will not count. Happy posting!

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Jill Carroll's picture
Jill Carroll
secondary science teacher, pittsburgh PA

As a new teacher I use Edutopia to clear hurdles like PSSA testing, project based learning and use of technology to be a successful educator!

Lisa's picture
Parent of Elementry Special needs student

I am finishing my masters degree. I am a parent of a student and io am become active in learning how to be instrumental into the changes that the educational system needs to under tow. I just found edutopia and i am on the site daily as i write blogs to other parents. Thank you!!

Rachel Fishman's picture
Rachel Fishman
Pre-service teacher from Florida

As a pre-service teacher, I find it extremely beneficial to consult the resources available from Edutopia. There is so much great information here, and I'm constantly checking the website for articles and resources to share with my colleagues.

Deborah Maroulis's picture

I have found some very exciting and helpful projects on Edutopia. My freshmen love to use technology (which kid doesn't?) and I like to incorporate into my lessons as much as possible. Through your site, I learned about Prezi and was able to have my students write their end of unit poem and present it using thePrezi program. Their innovativeness and creativity blew me away. I am glad there are collaborating sites like yours to help those of us in the "trenches!"

Jenna Bibb's picture

I have loved reading about the ways different teachers and schools have implemented problem-based learning. I also enjoy the weekly newsletter, keeping up on new ideas in education. Thanks!

Katherine Maloney's picture
Katherine Maloney
I teach kids English Literature, Theory of Knowledge and Journalism

I run a paperless classroom, and regularly use ideas that I get from the weekly newsletter, etc. I also share the ideas that I get from Edutopia on a regular basis with the entire staff at my school. I know for a fact that many teachers have used them, and with great success. The ideas are engaging and fun, and enhance student learning at the same time.

Lin Jenkins's picture

I use Edutopia resources in the Tech Integration section almost constantly. In a small independent school with a strong academic focus and a high local reputation, it's easy to be complacent-- yet we have officially adopted a Tech Integration model. Our tiny IT department (2 people doing everything) is always strapped for resources to support teachers taking those first steps out of their comfy niche, so any time I can point someone to an article or blog post that addresses their very concern, I'm on it. This week marks the culmination of our month-long, school-wide move to Google (Gmail, Google Apps for Ed, all of it) and our IT director put together a Google slideshow to explain the transition process. We offered training once a week for 3 weeks. Video clips and commentary from Edutopia helped us add a "real life" aspect that our teachers could relate to. Thanks, guys!

Michele Adams's picture

Edutopia is my #1 resource on topics such as PBL and RTI. At the school where I work, many teachers are unfamiliar with PBL. I forwarded copies of Edutopia articles to them frequently. Your articles concisely tell why to use PBL and how to implement in the classroom across all grade levels. This year our school implemented the RTI model, and I was on the implementation team. With help from your articles, I was able to help the team navigate thru this difficult process. I love that you include information on what to do, what not to do, and why. Sharing information and resources are powerful tools that Edutopia does very well!

Elana Leoni's picture
Elana Leoni
Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing @Edutopia, edcamp organizer

We've gotten our first ten comments! We'll be contacting you all through the private message feature to get your mailing address.

I'll also be sharing all of your comments with our staff --it helps us so much to know what you're finding most useful and how you're using our resources!


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