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I would be interested in seeing a new group started about curriculum. There is such a variety of publishers available and I wonder which programs teachers like, and those they don't. Also, many schools have to use state adopted curriculum and I'd be interested in hearing about how teachers think outside the box when it comes to using programs like Houghton Mifflin. This would also be helpful because my elementary school is looking towards adopting a new science program and I wonder what programs, state (California)approved or not, teachers recommend.

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Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Director of Programming and Innovation

Thanks for the suggestion. I love this idea and will look for how we can implement something to support it.

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Director of Programming and Innovation

Question for Edutopians -

Would a general Curriculum be useful, or would it make more sense to have multiple curriculum groups based on grade level and/or subject?

And if we were going to break it into separate groups, would it make most sense to be broken into grade level, or subject? I'm thinking it might make most sense to break it down by subject, but I'd love to hear others' thoughts.


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