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Cheryl Young Educator in Private Practice: Entrepreneurship Education & Sustainabilty Ed

You are invited to meet at the Lemonade Stand where our entrepreneurial interests were sparked as children. Today 60% of our youth want to explore entrepreneurship. Problem: not a lot of educators are knowledgeable and can teach them how to get started.

As the facilitator of this group, I would like you to introduce yourselves and tell us about your interest in this group. Are you now teaching entrepreneurship in some way in your classes? Are you interested in learning where the rich resources are so that you can bring this into your classes?

Last year, the 21st Century Skills Partnership included entrepreneurship into the list. It is a wonderful way to integrate across the curriculum.

We are now on a journey of discovery. The meeting has been called. Let's see who we are!

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Educator in Private Practice: Entrepreneurship Education & Sustainabilty Ed

Great resources. Thank you

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Great resources. Thank you for sharing.

I am a school librarian at an

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I am a school librarian at an elementary school who is very aware that the skills we teach in information literacy will prepare students for careers in fields that have not even been invented yet. As the president of my state's school library association, one of my goals is to bring entrepreneurship into the state curriculum as part of the ethical use of information strand. Not an easy task, but I think it's provocative enough to collaborate with parents and other businesses to provide civic attention to students at all age levels.

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Hi Cheryl, Even though I am a

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Hi Cheryl,
Even though I am a preschool teacher, I see the entrerpreneurial spirit in the students in my class. They want to be enterprizing in a way that looks like to me the seeds of early entrepreneurial endeavours. I can think into the future of the ideas that my 4 and 5 year olds come up with and see enterprizing. I also think that it is such a wonderful forum to teach all kinds of skills through, writing, math, social skills of cooperation between fellow students, imaginative creating, and confidence. I beleive that is a very respectful way to teach and engage children. In the process the teacher or facilitator is enlisting children's ideas and with that they are made to feel important and valued. There is a marvelous sense of independence with projects built around entrpreneurship practice. I would like to know more about how you go about teaching and interacting with your students and at what age do you mostly begin? Thanks Emily

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Teen entrepreneurs

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One great way to motivate and educate kids about entrepreneurship is to offer them real life examples. Invite kid/teenpreneurs to your school. Share their websites and interviews with your students. Let your students see what young people can accomplish in business. My daughter started a girls magazine when she was just thirteen. Six years later, the magazine has subscribers worldwide and my daughter has expanded to book publishing and graphic design. Here's her website www.yaldahmagazine.com

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Hello everyone,

I am starting a 9 week project for my 7th graders this week focusing on entrepreneurship. I attended ISTE2010 this past summer and won a BizWorld BizMovie kit. Because I am a video journalism/production teacher, I was excited to see the project tie-in technology with business skills. My teaching certificate in in Business and Journalism. You can follow our project on our blog at http://clelive.edublogs.org/ I an addition to creating their own movie production business, my 7th graders will also interview young entrepreneurs around the world, blog about their learning experiences, create innovative games for use in teaching entrepreneurship, and connect with other classrooms via Web 2.0 applications such as Skype and Edmodo.

We would love for you to visit our blog site, comment, encourage or offer suggestions for our learning experience. Your input and expertise will be invaluable to our project. I have collected several great resources that are linked in our blogroll. Hope to see you there!

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