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Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship Education

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You are invited to meet at the Lemonade Stand where our entrepreneurial interests were sparked as children. Today 60% of our youth want to explore entrepreneurship. Problem: not a lot of educators are knowledgeable and can teach them how to get started. As the facilitator of this group, I would like you to introduce yourselves and tell us about your interest in this group. Are you now teaching entrepreneurship in some way in your classes? Are you interested in learning where the rich resources are so that you can bring this into your classes? Last year, the 21st Century Skills Partnership included entrepreneurship into the list. It is a wonderful way to integrate across the curriculum. We are now on a journey of discovery. The meeting has been called. Let's see who we are!

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Horace Robertson's picture

Because 87% of businesses have 5 or fewer employees our workplaces are much more entrepreneurial than ever before. Over half of these business have no employees. If we are to prepare students in our classrooms for the 21st Century workplaces we must focus on the 21st century skills. The entrepreneurial context allows for integrating skills such as personal responsibility more effectively than any other context in my opinion.

Erik Hailey's picture

I am currently a RTI teacher, which basically means that I teach students how to behave properly for success. I have been interested in entrepreneurship for over ten years and have recently started my own business which relies heavily on teaching others how to build their own businesses and have noticed how most people are inadequately educated to be business owners. I am really looking for ways to incorporate entrepreneurship into my behavioral curriculum, and look forward to sharing ideas and thoughts with all of you.

Pete Welter's picture

I'm currently pursuing a teacher's certificate after the a 20 year career in software, the last 6 of as a founding member of a startup company. That entrepreneurial experience is part of what I want to bring to the classroom. What Horace mentioned about "integrating skills" is exactly what made starting a company so exciting - you are required to use all your talents (and even your non-talents) to make the company work, because in a small company there is no one else to do those jobs. On the other hand, there is no one else to tell you how to work either (except market forces). I'll be interested to hear and share ideas with all of you as the the place of entrepreneurial skills in the classroom.

Cheryl Young's picture
Cheryl Young
Educator in Private Practice: Entrepreneurship Education & Sustainabilty Ed

Horace, your point is essential for business and education to understand. Entrepreneurship must be an integrated skill for every student at all levels. I would suggest that readers go to
www.entre-ed.org and find loads of resources and ideas of how to integrate entrepreneurship into classrooms. The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education is a wonderful organization...consider joining. The website is full of resources and good news. Set aside some time to check it out.
Good for you Pete for taking your much needed skills into the classroom. Erik you will find a great model on the www.entre-ed.org website.

uniquedesign92's picture

I'm a single-parent of a 15 year old girl and I used to work on Wall Street and our children will need to learn how to function as an entrepreneur. They will also need networking skills. In the last year or so, we have seen unprecedented changes in corporate america that resulted in massive lay-offs and corporation operating with a skeleton crew to keep themselves a float during this great recession. There are college students graduating from college and they cannot find a job! This is a travesty and thus something must be done immediately. I believe that if we (parents & teachers) can take a proactive approach by giving our kids the tools needed to survive and thrive in an every changing work environment, we will help them be better prepared for the future. Entrepreneurship is the waive of the future!

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