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Stitching and embroidery as a vehicle for learning right across the curriculum

anna davidson

I have realized that stitching is the perfect vehicle for teaching math, social studies, art and it is wonderful for creating a classroom community. So every stitching period starts with a mini lesson which begins with their stitching and teaches geometry, ratio, odd and even numbers, multiplication, addition, subtraction. I bring in some antique samplers stitched 200 years ago by students their age. They marvel at the tiny, perfect stitches and we compare the world of the stitcher of the sampler with our world. They can see a piece of realia which links them, through the shared experience of stitching, to Frances Ann, aged nine, who did her stitching in 1832; before sewing machines and railroads, electricity and the internal combustion engine.
What is absolutely fantastic about this form of learning is that the students LOVE it.

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