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The Importance of Teaching Empathy

Child's Work

It is said that empathy is an important tool that children must be taught. It allows us to better understand another person and to be able identify oneself with another.

Childswork question is do you believe that as parents, teachers, and caregivers that we fail to stress the importance of empathy among our children? Do you think that we need to start teaching empathy at a certain age for it to stick?

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Business Director at Merge Education

Inculcating Empathy

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I'm not a great believer in didactically teaching any of the basic principles of humanity. Modeling characteristics such as empathy and compassion by feeling and expressing genuine empathy and caring for our students - that works, I think. At Merge Education we use the arts to inculcate such qualities - but I think that's altogether different from what you're suggesting. Am I right?

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