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Josh 5th grade elementary teacher from Mascoutah, Illinois

I am 5th grade teacher at a school in Southern Illinois. I have struggled more this year than ever with time. Our district did start after Labor Day, but I feel like I am rushing to get things done so my kids will be "ready" for the state test in March. In a normal school year start, it was difficult to get everything covered by March, but now I feel like I am running out of time already to get things finished. I am curious to how other people feel on this issue. Is time a negative factor to your year? Also, I am not sure when other states have their testing or what testing they do have, so that would be interesting to know as well. Do you feel like you are cramming and racing through the material just to get it "covered" by state testing time?

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Shannon Marti

@edutopia Music isn't on the test. I'm racing because my time was halved & my student load doubled- I'm now in 2 schools.

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