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Class Size

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I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on class size in elementary schools? Do you think their should be a cap on class size or teachers should have an aide after reaching a specific number? I have 27 first graders that are at all different levels. I find myself struggling to reach all of them. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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TS Bray
Assisting teachers in using technology effectively and efficiently to enhance learning.

Our school has a cap of 20 in the elementary, 22 in middle school and 25 in high school. We are a private international school in Asia and our parents pay a lot of money and expect small class sizes. The research has shown that class sizes over 20-24 students are difficult on learning, especially when you have some serious differentiation going on in class. Ultimately, class size does matter, no matter what other people may argue.

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Hubert V. Yee
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Hi Lindsay,

Here's a quote from a Twitter user.

Jon Barber - @hoosjon

@edutopia re: class size ... I wonder about the wisdom of adding an aide. While help is welcome, it's another warm body crammed in there

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