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Strategies for Teaching ESOL in 5th grade

Paula 5th grade teacher from Maryland

Hello Everyone,

I am currently teaching is a small private school which is becoming increasingly multicultural. The majority of my students for the upcoming school year speak English as their second language. Most of them seem to be able to speak English fairly well, but their struggle with writing. Does anyone have any tips or strategies I can use to help my upcoming class be more successful in all subject areas, especially writing?

Thank you in advance.

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hi Paula, Saw that you were

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hi Paula,

Saw that you were from Maryland! I was with a diverse group of students in Montgomery County Public School system. Maryland is definitely a booming diverse state.

Our facilitator Gaetan has written many blogs on improving writing. I myself have implemented them to my practice. =) Here's a link to his blog posts.

I am sure you will find them to be a great resource.

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