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Homeschool or Public School-which do you support?

Andrea Kindergarten Teacher, Houston, Texas

Legally, students must attend school by age 7, however, "school" can be defined as a private school, charter school or church school with a written curriculum. I am so curious about this issue because of a relative homeschooling her 5 and 6 year old children. As a Kindergarten teacher, I see the importance of school. Does the state account for these children and require proof that a written curriculum is being used?

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Montessori 4-6th grade teacher

Homeschooling regulations

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Laws regarding homeschooling are different in every state. I'm in a state without homeschooling laws. Here families register like provate schools or use a state program. Like other families, most homeschooling families want to do what's right for their kids and most of them do, with or without state regulations.



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I support a positive educational, social, and emotional school fit for every child where ever that might be. I pulled my oldest out of public school after a poor fit in kindergarten and first grade. He is highly gifted and there was no programming for him at our school. Teachers just shrugged and hinted we should make a change.

In our state, parents are required to test their students annually but not report the results. The vast majority of homeschooling parents I know go WAY above and beyond what should or would be required. Frankly, I think if more regulation is needed it should be put into making sure each child in the public school system is adequately served at their readiness level (high, low, in between) and to their learning style. When that's in place, we can worry about regulating home school parents more. For the record, my husband and I do carry multiple degrees and a masters. Just because we don't follow a standards based curriculum doesn't mean we're not doing an excellent job educating our kids. Our choice of curriculum is mixed and some of it doesn't look like "curriculum" at all.

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