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A new way for teachers and parents to manage reading practice

A new way for teachers and parents to manage reading practice

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I wanted to tell you about a new tool that was recently released for teachers and parents called Reading Glue (http://readingglue.com). I should tell you upfront that I am one of the founders of this company. Now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you why I think teachers in grades k-5 will love Reading Glue.

Reading Glue was built to help increase parent involvement in the reading practice process, and provide greater insight to both teachers and parents on what, when, and how much a child is reading. Teachers can digitize their students' reading logs and notes, allowing them to access them from any device with an internet connection. Teachers no longer have to dig through piles of paperwork in order to find reading data for a student. This allows them more time to focus on making important decisions and providing feedback to parents or other vested parties.

Best of all, Reading Glue helps promote parental involvement by helping parents find the right kind of books for their children, and providing them with strategy based activities to promote reading growth at home.

Please check it out, and let me know what you think. If you love it, then we wouldn't mind you sharing it with friends and colleagues as well :). Thanks!

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McKinley B's picture
McKinley B
4th Grade Teacher in Baltimore County, MD

Very Interesting Site.

As a part of developing a new curriculum aligned with Common Core, our district has began implement more paper-free type assessments to check for student understanding. This was trick for some of our teachers because we have been used to providing our parents with "proof on paper." After reading through your site and learning how it works, I am very hopeful that our school can give this a try. I think the most beneficial part would be sharing this information with parents and allowing them many different opportunities to help their child at home. That is always the toughest part of teaching and this seems to be fool proof for parents as well.

Well done with this cite and I wish you success.

James Stubblefield's picture
James Stubblefield
Founder of Reading Glue, ed-tech enthusiast, developer, entrepreneur

I appreciate your comment. One thing that we are working on is improving the note functionality to include checklists for key skills as outlined by the CCSS. I hope to get this included in the next month or two.

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