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Mastery the Basic Math Facts (+,-,x, and division)

Ken Cornett Retired: Grades 4 to 12, specializing in curriculum development

Are there many teachers or educators concerned that a great majority of students, in grades 4 to 9 do not know the basic math facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division very well. Every grade that I taught from grade 7 to 9, the majority did not have a good handle on their basic math facts and because of that make lots of computational errors with resulting poor math marks.

Get them to master the basic math facts, and wala thier math marks improve because they are no longer making computational errors.

The calculator is fine after they have mastered the basic math facts, - you don't need a calculator figure out 8 x 3 -

A father of a grade 4 student asked me to test his son for the basic math facts - I gave him the test for multiplication, division and subtraction - which I quite part way through each test as he was haveing difficulty, gave him the addition facts test - found out he was competent in the addition facts of 1, 2 and part of 3. That's in grade 4.

If mastering the basic math facts is important, you can check out the Addition Program which is a free download at It has all the materials to get kicked started the process hopefully.
There are 270+ pages of instructions for teachers, parents and students, over 90+ lessons, 28 audio files, flash card designs and email support if needed.

The program was 30 years in the making, multiplication was first developed, has been used in lots of schools, but the teachers and parents have to decide that mastering the basic math facts is important and most important the student has to want to mastery the math facts -

Go to a cashier, a student cashier, one could be in Grade 10 to 12, and most of them have to use the cash register to figure out how much change is owing to a customer.

But it is up to each individual teacher and parent to decide if the need is there for their student, son or daughter to master the basic math facts - your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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