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Any teachers willing to answer questions for a graduate student?

Chelsie Pre-service teacher

Hi everyone!

I am a grad student studying elementary education and have to interview a teacher that has an inclusive classroom with some special needs students. If anyone could answer any of these questions it would be greatly appreciated! (No names or identifying information will be used)

1) How many students with disabilities do you have in your classroom?
2) What kinds of disabilities do they have?
3) How do you differentiate learning for them?
4) What is the biggest challenge having students with disabilities?
5) What is the best thing about having these students?
6) What kind of support do you receive in educating students with disabilities?

Thanks so much!

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I wish I, myself, could help.

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I wish I, myself, could help. I will talk to some of my colleagues. Hopefully, they will be willing to help. I'll forward your questions to them.

Good luck!

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