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Ideas about technology integration and tools in the elementary classroom?

Mr. Stapleton 6th Grade Teacher and Tech Integration Specialist, Seoul, Korea

Dear Elementary Educators,

I have created a blog where I am trying to marry elementary education with technology. Pleae look at the tools and ideas I have incorporated and let me know other ideas or tools that you use. I would like to stay up-to-date with instruction with technology.

Please take a look here:

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Montessori 4-6th grade teacher


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Hi Mr. Stapleton,

You have some wonderful links posted. I think some of these tools could be really useful. Love the detail on the podcasting suggestion. I'm kinda tech-phobic, but my students are not, so I appreciate the chance to develop in this area. Thank you for posting.

Mary Kate

Spelling City

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I noticed you listed Spelling City - It's on of my favorites. I love the handwriting worksheets that you can print. I'm using it to help my students practice their cursive, number words, and spelling list.

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