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End of the year questions

Mr.Bee Third grade teacher from Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Every year I put together a list of 100 questions covering math, science (including basic world geography), language arts, and early Michigan history for the end of the year. I was wondering what your top ten list would be. George Lucas had it right in so many ways when he started this magazine and then morphed it with technology. Peace. Thanks because I'm curious.

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Hi Mr. Bee -

I wondering if you can get a bit more specific about what you're looking for. What types of questions and what do you plan to do with the questions (verbal quiz or sit down test?)? I know a bunch of science and math folk who could help.


Third grade teacher from Michigan's Upper Peninsula

How many days in a year? What

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How many days in a year? What is a natural resource? Name the Great Lakes... Thank you for asking. Is this the wrong group to ask?

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Hi Mr.Bee, How about the

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Hi Mr.Bee,

How about the following?

What states do the Great Lakes touch?
How did the name Great Lakes come about?
Who's the governor of Michigan?
What are the cash crops of Michigan?
Which is the most populated town in Michigan?

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