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Moodles for Elementary Students

Rachel Peters

I've got a wiki going for my students, but now my K12 school is looking at giving us all (K12) our own moodle page. I'm very familiar with a moodle, having used it to take two years of online clases, but I have not used it with students. I would like to hear about ways in which K-5 teachers are using it for their classrooms or parents or both. Many of our primary teachers can't see it as a useful tool, as they are not going to set up quizzes online and they see no use of a threaded discussion for their students (maybe for their parents). I'm starting to like the wiki better because of its flexibility and member equality (it seems to me the moodle is a top down structure while a wiki is more of a community of equals).

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Hi Rachel, A lot of educators

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Hi Rachel,

A lot of educators have filtered down the comparison to Moodle as a management system, and Wiki as a document collaboration tool. Here's a great overview of Moodle vs Wiki...


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