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Math Facts

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We are looking at options to address the students in grades 2-4 who stuggle to memorize their math facts. Does anyone have experience with a program, that addresses math facts to students school-wide or by grade level? I know there are many programs available. We are looking for any feedback or expereinces you may have. Thank you.

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Hubert V. Yee's picture
Hubert V. Yee
social media and marketing manager of startup

Hi Paul,

Music may be a path your school might try. Also the blog Building Math Positivity has some resources also.

Mr. Stapleton's picture
Mr. Stapleton
6th Grade Teacher and Tech Integration Specialist, Seoul, Korea

Have you checked out the Khan Academy website? Salman Khan has a number of easy to watch videos for young and older students. He also has a knowledge tree that leads from one skill to the next.

If you need more tools or ideas check out

Tracy's picture
First grade teacher from Los Angeles, California

I tell my students at the beginning of the year that I will test them weekly on their addition facts. They go at their own pace. I provide flash cards for the 2's first. Every Friday, I test them. When they pass, they move on to the 3's and so on. I post what facts students are on on the board. They are in competition with each other as well as providing each other with support. When students pass, they clap for each other. One student was finished prior to the winter break. I also give them a certificate when they finish.

Throughout the week, they also have time to complete an addition fact sheet with the facts they are working on and another sheet that they write the addition facts on. The second sheet is set up like a table with 4 columns and 20 rows so that they can write the facts...
2+1 = 3
2+2 = 4 etc. It really works!

I hope this helps!

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